What Do You Want in a Writing Resource?

what's next writing resource

Author interviews? Editor interviews? What would help you as a writer?

This is my question for you: What do you want in a writing resource? Or from a writing resource?

Let me give you a little backstory so you know where I’m coming from with this.

Words & Deeds started out as a writing blog  because blog articles said to write about what you know. Since writing about how to write is what I get paid to do, it seemed like the obvious choice – you know, branch out a little from work and get to do some of the fun things that bosses won’t let you try with school kids, that might be too challenging, or that don’t look so nice in black and white booklets (it’s a long list).

As the blog grew and people began to follow it, it began to evolve. At some point, I realized that I want to make this blog into a writing resource – something that writers can come to to get ideas or look something up and then go back to their work.

One problem: writing for writers is different from writing for people trying to learn to write. Writers already know (mostly, right?), so writing the same kinds of things I would for middle schoolers… seems a bit insulting. Is an article on the “loose” v. “lose” really helpful? Have you already had so many classes on symbolism that you’re sick of it?

I know they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and I can keep putting up writing prompts, inspirational quotes, and random writing thoughts for a long, long time. But I thought there might be more out there that people might want or could use.

So I’m putting the question out there – what do you want out of a writing resource? What would make this blog most useful to you? What’s missing?

You can answer in the comments or pm me. Either way, I’d love to hear your ideas.


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