5 Celebrities Reading Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky

Speaking of celebrities reading poetry and other literature on youtube, a lot of people seem to like to post themselves or celebrities reading Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky.”

Why that poem in particular? I’m not sure. Perhaps, it’s because of the acting challenge. When so many words are made up, reading with meaning and feeling can be more difficult (how do you say that?). The trick (IMHO) is to remember that each of the nonsense words has meaning – even if you don’t know exactly what that meaning is. Assume something and go from there.

In any case, here are some famous celebrities reading, reciting, or otherwise performing “Jabberwocky” on youtube – because why not?

  1. Benedict Cumberbatch reciting “Jabberwocky”
  2. Neil Gaiman reciting “Jabberwocky”
  3. Christopher Lee reading “Jabberwocky”
  4. The Muppets performing “Jabberwocky”
  5. Ian McKellen reading “Jabberwocky”

Which is your favorite?


  1. […] know what it’s from. In fact, you’ve probably listened to celebrities read “The Jabberwocky” recently. Like Dr. Seuss’ work, “The Jabberwocky” is full of fun made-up […]

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