Compound Words As Writing Prompts

Ok, maybe I’ve seen one too many DBZ fusion parodies, but I think this could be a fun writing exercise:

  1. Pick a compound word OR take the idea of compound words (two individual ideas joined into one) OR make up a compound word (that could be interesting)
  2. Use your choice for 1 as inspiration for worldbuilding. It could be a character, a race, an object, a form of magic, part of the setting, or more.

This could make for some really interesting worldbuilding. There are so many possibilities, and the inherent strangeness of a lot of them automatically pulls you in. I can’t wait to see what people come up with.

You guys will share if you come up with something fun, right? Right? (Please?)


  1. ok i can’t resist – first, DBZ Fusion got me, so i had to read on… second, where are all of your reader comments/posts? (You call yourselves writers? bah!) and third, i don’t really have any compound words for worldbuilding; i just have to say, thanks for trying, at least! Trying to give us fellow writers a kick in the pants! a ‘get off your high horse and WRITE something, anything’ push… it worked for me… sorta…
    didn’t actually do the exercise, yet, i wrote…
    (i do like to make up words though; and even sentences, now and then…)
    more, later…

    • Best comment ever! You totally get bonus points for getting the DBZ Fusion comment and for calling the other writers out for not participating. Any time you need a kick in the pants, I am at your service. 😉


  1. […] of words. Other than adding an appropriate suffix, it’s one of the oldest techniques of making up new words. It’s also one of the best for getting the point across in a hurry while still using a fun […]

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