A Happy Day: This Writer’s Dream

Writing, singing, dancing, drawing - creating is a joy to be cherished.

Writing, singing, dancing, drawing – creating is a joy to be cherished.

A happy day
Is a comfy seat,
A cup of tea,
A way to write,
And nowhere to be.

Other than some lucky weekends, right now this poem is a dream.

I am lucky enough to write for a living, and I am very grateful for that. Although I never imagined I would write educational materials, I like my work, and I think it has been a good growth experience. The only problem is that since it is a full-time job, that means that whatever writing I do for my own projects (twytte, this blog, and anything for publication) has to be done in the hours before and after work.

That means I write before work, I write at work, I write on my lunch break, and I write when I get home. On weekends, I write all day and try to cram in whatever I did not accomplish during the week. So far (knock on wood), writing at work hasn’t burned me out on writing in general, but sometimes, projects fall through the cracks simply because of time and energy.

When I imagine what I could do if all of those hours were spent on my own projects, the thrill of the idea is indescribable. Simply picturing it is a heady feeling. Unfortunately, the realities of life intrude, and I know it’s not feasible right now. But that is my goal and my dream.

Someday, this poem could be my job description. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


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