50 Word Stories: Another Way to Challenge Yourself

Whenever you restrict yourself to a specific form or word count, you’re going to have to work your brain and flex your writing muscles. One of the most famous examples in writing legend (true or not) is the story of Ernest Hemingway writing a short story in 6 words as a bet.

The result?

For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.

How can 6 words convey so much information and evoke such strong emotion?

If you’re not quite ready for 6-word stories, 50 words makes a much more reasonable start. Here’s an example by Richard Ankers: “50 Word Stories: King of Fools.”


  1. […] “50 Word Short Stories: Another Way to Challenge Yourself“ helps you scale down if you’re used to writing longer stories. If you’re used to writing, say, novels, you can start with regular short stories. Then, cut it down to 100 words, 50 words, and so on. Baby steps, people. Baby steps. […]

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