Should I Review Bad Movies or Books?

It’s an honest question: should I review bad movies or books? I don’t have an answer. Really, I have a couple of stumbling blocks related to, but they don’t seem to bother anyone else.

So how about I tell you why I hesitate, and you tell me if you think I should or not – fair deal?

Why I’m Not Sure It’s Good to Review Bad Movies or Books

First off, let me say that I have no trouble reviewing good movies or books. I will gladly explain what I did and didn’t like about them – usually in terms of what was weaker or stronger from a writing, design, or performance aspect.

Because I don’t mind advertising good products.

No Such Thing as Bad Advertising

Ever heard someone say that “all advertising is good advertising”? For those who haven’t, it’s the idea that the more attention is given to a person or product, the better business they will do. Even if the attention is insulting.

What? Seriously? Why?

One reason is that people will buy things just to make fun of something or someone (*cough* Trump *cough*). The other reason is that people don’t always agree about what’s bad or good (see the previous cough), so the negative reviews might actually introduce people to the business or product who might like it.

Internet searches work the same way. Talking about a movie and linking to its imdb (like you do) actually makes that movie’s site show up better in searches.

But is that what we want? If you think a movie is awful, do you really want to make it more popular? And what about people who watch it to see if it’s as bad as you say? Warning people off could totally backfire!!!

*deep breath*


The other reason I’m leery of reviewing bad books or movies is that when you really dislike something, you’re liable to be excessively harsh when reviewing it. At least, I am. Humorous, but harsh.

On the other hand, I’m also a writer/creator. So if I build up a reputation for nasty-yet-witty reviews… what’s gonna happen when my stuff gets reviewed? I can’t help but think that people would be more likely to be cruel.

What do you think?

Are these legit reasons, or am I overthinking it? Are there actually risks to writing purely negative reviews?