The First Annual twytte NaNoWriMo Challenge

twytte nanowrimo challenge

Prepare yourself.

Hi! Em T. Wytte here, affectionately called twytte by… well, mostly by me. Anyway, I would like to formally invite you to the first annual twytte NaNoWriMo Challenge!

Dun dun dunnnnn!

The twytte NaNoWriMo Challenge

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will NOT be to write an entire novel in a month. Nope. This is not your typical NaNoWriMo challenge.

If you want to write an entire novel in a month, you’re certainly welcome to. Personally, especially since I have a full-time job outside of novel writing, writing a whole novel in a month sounds exhausting and, for me, not the best idea. When I try to rush something, I generally end up making so many mistakes that it takes me twice as long as it would have at the normal speed (and that goes for anything, not just writing).

And what’s more important? To write a good novel or to write one quickly?

That’s why the twytte NaNoWriMo Challenge will follow the heart of the usual challenge but not the typical rules.

The Challenge

To write for an hour minimum every single day for the rest of November (for starters)*. Since I didn’t get this posted on day 1, that’s only 28 days! (You can write an hour daily for 28 days, right?)

*For this challenge, time and effort are more important than word count.

The Goal

To set up a healthy writing habit that will (I hope) continue well after November and to encourage you to write more in general. Or possibly start/finish a project you’ve been putting off.

How to Compete

Other than writing for an hour every day, there are only three things you need to do to compete:

  1. Comment with your name and/or blog title.
  2. Track how many days you write for at least an hour (The goal is 28). 
  3. Post your final score in the comments.

Putting your name and/or blog title in the comments is solely to make it more of a competition/challenge and to give you some extra motivation to stick with it (such as the feeling of being watched and judged if you don’t). Feel free to tell us a little about your project, too.

Once the month is over, post your final score (be honest!) and any comments, lessons, or advice you learned from the experience.

The Prize

Not only will you make progress on your writing (That’s the whole point of NaNoWriMo.), but you will also set up a habit that lets you keep making excellent progress on your writing. That’s an even bigger prize! Writing every day is the best way to finish a novel (especially a first novel), so keep it up! Believe me, once you fall off the wagon of writing daily, it’s hard to get back on.

The official winner(s) will be whoever skipped the fewest days. One or more participants may also be chosen to be featured in an interview on Words & Deeds (particularly if you have an interesting project, useful advice, etc.).

Everybody ready? Ok. Let’s do it.

Ready? Set! Write!


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