Build a Neighborhood Lending Library

Little Free Library

That’s one well-read bird…

“What is this thing?” you may ask. As well you should. “It looks like a birdhouse (a really big birdhouse), but there are books inside! I want to know more!” That was my exact response when I saw this while out for a walk. Then, I saw the little plaque on the front:
Take a Book • Return a Book

How awesome is that! Someone built a little lending library and put it out for anyone to use. It was on the edge of a nice neighborhood right next to a little walking path, and whoever did it must have taken into account weather patterns because the books inside looked perfectly protected. What a nice way to encourage people to read!

So (being me) I took a picture and went to the site.

It turns out there are about 37 of these registered in the city where I live (woohoo!), and the website also has specific instructions for how to set one up. Plus, there are articles for dealing wth different issues and giving advice. Overall, it seems like a pretty nifty idea and a nice way to encourage reading. It’d definitely be a great community project for a kids group.

It kind of makes me want to build one. How about you?


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