Grammar Humor to Brighten Your Weekend

Want to brighten your weekend? How about some grammar humor?

 1. Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet? Almost. T-shirt

Run, pun! Run!

They get capitalization and punctuation leniency since it’s a pun (because puns naturally break a lot of those rules). Still, I’d be more tempted to buy the t-shirt from etsy if the capitalization were better…

 2. Learn to Cut and Paste Kids

We're going to learn to cut and paste kids. Commas matter.

Ah, Grammarly, an oldie but a goodie. Also, outside of an Adobe Cloud class, never say this as written. 

See! See! Direct address matters! Using correct direct address punctuation can keep you from sounding like a serial killer!

3. The Difference Between Knowing Your Shit And…

Grammar The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit

Whoever wrote this at falls into the first category.

Granted, it’s possible to know your shit and still know you’re shit, but the related emotional problems are a little too deep for a grammar-humor post. Let’s just pretend that if you know your shit, you know you’re not shit (if you’ll excuse my French).

 4. Adjectives vs. Nouns: The Difference a Comma Makes

Toilet only for disabled elderly pregnant children

How does that even work? No. No. Don’t tell me.

So… nobody use this toilet. It’s off limits to everyone who exists within logic and reason. That, or add commas. Commas could work. Articles would help, too.

 5. The Cannons Be Ready, Captain

The cannons be ready Captain. Are.

I have no idea who made this. But whoever it was, hats off to you! (I’ll even overlook the missing direct address comma!)

This is a personal favorite. It’s fairly subtle as puns go, but you know that every time you hear a pirate say, “Arrr” now, you’re going to hear, “Are.” It’s a great example of how to take an old standard and turns it on its ear (AKA the art of the unexpected). Way to go! Now, even pirates can have grammar humor!

And now you’ve had a bit of grammar humor to brighten your weekend. I hope it was worth a smile at least!

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