I’m Sorry: Think of Me As the White Rabbit (See: Tardiness)

My apologies

I’m sorry. I know this post is coming much later than July 1st, but it may help to think of me as the White Rabbit from the Wonderland stories (or some of them). After all, if the White Rabbit had been on time, the entire adventure would have gone much differently. Perhaps, he’d have had time to talk to Alice and give her a nice tour of Wonderland instead of leading her on a merry chase through it. Or perhaps, if he’d been early, she’d have never been to Wonderland at all.

So why not pretend that my lateness will lead to an equally fabulous adventure (in the traditional sense)? Who knows? It might even end up being true.

There’s only one caveat. Now, that I’ve given you a moderately ridiculous (but possibly entertaining) reason to forgive the lateness of this post, I’m going to delay the return of regular posts yet again (this is the part where right as Alice appears to be catching up to the White Rabbit, he disappears again.). This time, the goal will be August 1st, and while I am enjoying the analogy (probably a little too much), I will do my best not to continue it past that date.

Or perhaps, when August 1st rolls around, I’ll simply become the white rabbit from The Matrix. She was quite prompt (and fairly hot, if I remember correctly). Yeah, that could work.

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