I’m Taking a V*@*%^$n – Sort of

Vaction is not a 4-letter word. Em T Wytte

Or so I keep telling myself.

Why are we so obsessed with getting stuff done that we never take a vacation? It’s a pandemic (in the U.S., anyway). And it’s worse when you have a hobby/side career where everyone can see whether you’re working on it or not – like a blog for instance (gee, really?). Feel tired and take a week off – all anyone has to do to know is go to your site (No posts, huh, Em. Guess you finally gave up on that silliness. [*grumble growl*]). Plus, you’ll get a drop in those addictive stats (How can people like today’s post if there isn’t one!).

Ok, I’m projecting. But at least one person has to have gotten caught up in the same addiction as me! An addiction that threatens to take over my life (like they do). Actually, it’s done a pretty good job of it already.

So as we round the corner into the first year of this blog, I find myself playing a never-ending game of catchup. I think fondly of the time last summer when I was always two weeks ahead and wrote a fresh week of posts every weekend (Ah, those were the days!). Even the one-week buffer that I had up until a few months ago seems like such a joy and privilege now. Where I once had a comfortable length of rope to lower the boulder down the incline, I am now chasing after it and barely managing to pause it from time to time for a breath (no wonder I need a vacation!).

And, of course, there are other projects I want to start (not the brightest bulb in the box, am I?).

Clearly, I need to work on time management. But when? It takes time to work on time management. (Inherent flaw, right?) That’s why the first step is going to be putting both blogs on pause. If I don’t have the time, I’ll just have to make it. So for the rest of June (assuming I’m ready by July), I will be taking a vacation from posting.

Not a vacation from working on the blogs (or, sadly, from work in general). Oh, no. I’ll be looking at stats, compiling data on posts, and generally figuring out where to go from here. Planning. That’s the key. I’m going to take time for planning, something that has been sadly lacking for the last bit in both this blog and twytte. Theoretically, the time spent thinking ahead will make for better blogs when we get to the grand reopening (Or so I hope).

Want to help? You can! All you have to do is answer any or all of these questions: what do you like best about this blog? What do you like least? What else would you like to me to write about?

I’ll look for your suggestions in the comments and consider them as I’m planning (I’d say, “speak now or forever hold your peace,” but I’ll consider appropriate requests at any point – ideas that I don’t have to think of? No! Anything but that!). Otherwise, ta ta for now, and don’t expect to hear from me until July. I’m officially on vacation!


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