5 Ways to Simplify the Writing Prompt Game

Anyone remember the Writing Prompt Game? (If you don’t, click the link.) Well, if you’re not thinking of 3 random things easily, you don’t have anyone to give you the 3 words, or you simply want to mix it up a little, then you can use 1 of the 5 options below.

 1. Rory’s story cubes

The story cubes are basically dice that give you your inspiration for the writing prompt game. Each die has fun images on it that means different things for the writing prompt, so you roll to get your specific prompt. The images are fun cartoons, so if you’re playing with kids (or kids at heart), then this can make the game more visual and fun – it might even teach kids to like writing, which is always a good thing.

 2. A Random Word Generator

There are plenty of random word generators out there. The one linked above was the first that came up on the Google search, and since it had an option for changing how many words you get each time, it should work just fine for the writing prompt. All you have to do is click, and you’ll get a random writing prompt you can use to challenge your brain and writing capabilities.

  3. A Modified Book Code

Say you don’t have wireless available, but you have a book. Or a couple of books. Open one to a random page, close your eyes, and point at the page. Use the non-article word closest to your finger. Do that 3 times (with 3 different pages or even different books if you like), and you’re ready to go.

 4. Make Your Own Lottery

This takes a bit more effort – the first time. Type up a bunch of random words or print off some English vocabulary flashcards and then cut them all out and put them in a hat, bowl, or bag. Mix them up and draw 3. You can put them back in afterwards or not. Either way, so long as you mix them, it should take a long time to get the same 3 cards again.

 5. Use a Card Game

Cards Against Humanity comes to mind, but Apples to Apples works just as well (if you’re not necessarily trying to be dirty). In fact, any card game with different words on different cards could work. Imagine doing this with Magic or Pokémon trading cards. Or both mixed together. Now, that could definitely start an interesting writing challenge!

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