Less v. Fewer: Finally! A Checkout Lane with Good Grammar!

Thanks, Meijer. Please, share your wise, grammatically correct ways with other stores.

I was so excited that the grammar was correct that I had to take a picture. Ridiculous? Yes. But so many stores get it wrong, that a sign that actually said “12 items or fewer” made my day!

For the record, always use “fewer” with countable nouns: items, tables, shirts, cars, etc. If you can say, “1 car, 2 cars, or 3 cars,” and it makes sense, then it’s a countable noun. Nouns that aren’t countable don’t have plural forms: furniture, milk, money, etc. You wouldn’t say, “1 money, 2 money, or 3 money,” (at least I hope you wouldn’t), so you can use “less” with those words.

Yay! Now, you too can share in the annoyance when grocery stores get it wrong. Pass the word – maybe, someday, all the signs will be right! (I’m not holding my breath.)

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