Are You a Bibliophile?

bibliophile n. someone who loves books

I’m a card carrying member (actually, I carry Half-Price Books coupons).

I think most writers are major bibliophiles. Seriously, how else would you get into the field in the first place? Although it would make pretty entertaining (and ironic) smalltalk.

            STRANGER: What do you do for a living?
            AUTHOR: Oh, I write.
            STRANGER: Really? That’s interesting. You mean like articles or blogs?
            AUTHOR: No, books. Fiction.
            STRANGER: Wow! You must love to read.
            AUTHOR: God, no.
            STRANGER: …


  1. […] you’re a bibliophile like me, books can be hard to resist. And the more I read, the harder it is to resist reading. […]

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