Thought-Provoking Fan Art

canadian hagrid on a moose carrying harry potter with a rainbow hockeystick courtesy of weregeek

I still hear the movie Hagrid’s voice in my head though. I’m going to have to ask a Canadian person to say it to me.

At first, this fan art from weregeek was just funny – oh, I see what you did there! Then, I started thinking about how the Harry Potter books would change if the main characters were from a different country. It’s an interesting thought (and good mental exercise).

Try picturing your favorite fantasy books with a different cultural base (for example, instead of a British-based LOTR, what about using cultures from Japan or Brazil?). The plot would be the same on a macro scale but different on a micro scale. A lot about the characters would be the same. All in all, it would be a very different book.

Actually, that could be a writing prompt: pick a book and a new cultural base, and write the new story. For example, take The Curse of Chalion and change the culture to the Roman Empire. Different book, right?

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