The Only New Year’s Resolutions A Writer Really Needs

I can almost make that generalization and believe it because these 3 resolutions are adjustable, which makes them good for writers at all stages. I suppose an individual writer might need another resolution (like “pay the bills”), but these 3 are pretty good.

 3. Publish

Submit to a magazine, contest, or book publisher. Self-publish an ebook. Write a blog. Do what you need to do to get your work out where people can see it. If you published one book last year, try for two. Or add a short story. Or try to match last year’s goal even if it’s only to meet your publisher’s deadlines.

Remember that resolutions don’t have to be bigger and better every year – at some point, that’s just going to push you so far that you’re going to give up or fail spectacularly. It’s always best if goals are realistic.

 2. Take edits well.

Whether you’re a diva or you’re so eager to get published that you adjust your story until it’s unrecognizable, there’s always room to improve at edits. Even those who are usually pretty balanced have occasional slips where the edits become personal (and a battle of wills). As writers, we can all benefit from trying to listen and consider edits respectfully (and possibly as part of a bigger picture).

 1. Keep writing.

Write, write, and write some more! If you barely wrote last year, try to double or triple whatever you did – set up a schedule. If you wrote every day last year, keep it up. Let’s all keep writing and fill this world with the stories to inflame imaginations and stir emotions.

Good luck, happy new year, & merry writing to all!

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