NaNoWriMo: Is The Verdict In Yet?

Well, you’ve had two days to recover from the NaNoWriMo experience. Are you awake enough to tell us how it turned out?  I have to admit that I’m curious.

Although I haven’t tried the challenge personally, I remember when I first started trying to write a couple of hours a day. It was a shock. I’d worked on different novels before, but I’d never worked on any of them so regularly. I might get in a few days in a row, but then, it might be weeks or months before I got back to it.

After a week or so of writing daily, I was addicted. So many of the biggest problems for new writers (consistency of voice, continuity and flow, finishing instead of constantly editing, etc.) are made easier by writing every single day. In a 24 hour span, your brain retains a lot more of where you were and where you want to go than it does with a few weeks in between. The more time between working on a project, the more you can change your mind on where the story’s going (and whether what you’ve written is ok or not).

Did I mention that the first novel I actually finished was the one I worked on every day?

That’s why I’m curious about how those of you who tried NaNoWriMo feel about it. Did it work? 50,000 words or not, did it get you hooked on writing every day?

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