Tea & Sex: The Power of Analogies

Have you ever tried to communicate an idea to someone who can’t seem to grasp what you’re saying? Your evidence and arguments are dismissed or ignored, or maybe you’re just having a hard time verbalizing your stance?

Analogies can be a great way to make a point to someone when regular arguments fail. They’re also useful for persuasive articles or videos.

I’m not talking about the basic analogy form (alcohol : intoxication :: writing : carpal tunnel syndrome) but when two things or ideas are compared in sentences and/or paragraphs. These analogies generally start with a straightforward simile or metaphor. Then, the author uses the comparison to explain specific similarities between the two.

(If you’re writing one, remember to focus on the aspects that strengthen your position – don’t forget that the goal is to make a point.)

Blue Seat Studios did a great job with this in their video, Tea Consent. Their analogy compares sharing tea with having sex to explain consent. Pay attention to how they set up the comparison and then follow through to make their argument clear.

Script – Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess … Animation – Rachel Brian … VO – Graham Wheeler
Category: Education
License: Standard YouTube License

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