Writing Ahead: A Lesson Learned From Exhaustion

The past week has taught me a lot about writing ahead when I can. I say when I can because, obviously, I can’t do that with  twytte (that would defeat the purpose), but I usually try to keep this blog 1 a week ahead. For a few months, I was 2 weeks ahead. This week (this exhausting, ridiculous week) was the first time I haven’t been at least a few days ahead.

Talk about bad timing.

Normally, not having anything pre-written wouldn’t be too big a deal, but this week, I was going to work earlier and staying longer. That meant anything I wrote for the blogs had to be done on my lunch break or after I would normally be asleep. Usually, I got a twytte update done at lunch. That left this one for after work and, unfortunately, after bed time.

You know what I found out? Posts that usually take under an hour to write can take more than triple the usual time when my brain’s sleep-deprived. Writing ahead could have saved me from that.

Now, that I think of it, it already has. That’s how I ate up my 2 week advantage. Last month, I needed a few days off, so I barely wrote for the whole weekend. There went 1 week. Then, I had several busy weekends in a row that ate into my writing time. I couldn’t have done that if I didn’t have the posts scheduled already.

Extra-busy weeks, family emergencies, a friend’s party, a sudden weekend getaway, a cold – there are tons of events that can surprise you and leave you with less time to write. Having a buffer relieves that tension and lets you do what you need to do without trying to squeeze in the writing, too.

Believe me, it’s worth it.

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