Website Woes

I feel like I’ve spent more time working on the technical aspects of running a blog than on my writing this past week. And I write over an hour each day. Cue beating my head against my keyboard (only I won’t because I’d probably break it – the keyboard, not the head).

The problem is that I’ve been looking into changing themes (hey! at least this one shows some progress, right?), considering premium plans, trying to figure out how to consolidate the two blogs into the same site (or a related site?), and build another. I’ve also been weighing adding on a few other social media accounts against existing time commitments and my need for sleep. If I were smart, I’d not only avoid adding on but also cut these ones down (Clearly, I’m not that smart.).

If I didn’t have a full-time job, too, there’d be no question. I’d start all the social media I wanted and spend most of my day writing for my projects. I also wouldn’t need to worry about dieting because I probably wouldn’t be able to afford to overeat (that sounds horrifying yet oddly appealing). Unfortunately, I might not be able to afford rent or a mortgage either.

As it is, I work about 70 hours per week between my job and my projects. I work on my writing before I go to work and after I get home, and I generally spend the entire weekend writing. If I didn’t work the extra, I’d get none of my stuff done. And there’s so much more I want to do. With all that, the extra website puzzles are a problem I would love not to have to deal with.

I’m trying to decide whether my ideal magic power would be to 1. freeze time so that I could work on everything I want to or 2. be able to set up everything online exactly how I want it with a wish. Just close my eyes and update everything in an instant. The posts, sites, and images would be exactly the way I pictured in my head without all the time and tweaking that it takes to get them that way.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

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