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The Town of Elsewhere: A Scary Short Story for Your Halloween

What’s Halloween without at least one scary story? I thought this one was pretty good and well-written, but as LeVar Burton would say, “…you don’t have to take my word for it.”

There’s A Town In Kentucky That You Won’t Ever Be Able To Find On A Map, And For Good Reason” by Seamus Coffey

The overgrown gravel road leading to the abandoned settlement doesn’t even connect to a main road. As with most places you shouldn’t go, even Google satellite images have been scrubbed with what looks like a bad use of a blur tool. It was located in south-eastern Calloway County just off the shore of Kentucky Lake. Elsewhere sat surrounded by forest. Until recently, several buildings remained.

I’d heard stories about Elsewhere growing up. Being a Calloway County native, I heard most of the local folklore and ghost stories. I spent several nights in Asbury and Old Salem cemeteries looking to verify stories of creepy ghosts and various monsters. The most I ever got was spooked friends and a bad case of the willies. I was volunteering at the Senior Citizen’s center when Earl, a man of about 80 years old, told me a story about the fall of Elsewhere… (Read more)


Recommended Reading: A Little Horror for Your Halloween

Having only recently taken an interest in horror, I don’t have a lot of personal experience with the genre. That’s why when I started research for Bloodletting, I asked friends and family what aspects they liked best and what books/movies were their favorites. In the process, I found out that several good friends of mine are big horror fans. These two sites are ones they recommended I look at as part of my research. What better way to celebrate Halloween than to share them with you?

No Sleep

Reddit has a page called “No Sleep” where anyone can submit single horror stories or serials. According to the moderators, they try to encourage quality work by excluding posts that are only images or videos, and they do monthly “BestOf” awards to showcase great stories. There seem to be a wide variety of styles. Readers will like some better than others, but the variety is great for writers to see what works and what doesn’t – especially in relation to the reddit rankings.


For those who’d rather listen than read, try “Pseudopod” where short horror stories are transformed into podcasts. I’m picky about voice acting and audiobooks, but the little snippets I heard were good enough that I’m still open to listening (when I have time). Since reading stories aloud generally takes longer than reading them on a page, they tend to like flash fiction, so this can be great training for getting a mood and effect across in fewer words.

There you go. Have a great Halloween and many happy frights!


An Author’s Thrill: Recipes from the Worlds of J.K. Rowling & J.R.R. Tolkien

As a reader, it’s always fun to find recipes for foods from your favorite books for movies. I recently came across one for homemade butterbeer, and, of course, many people have tried to recreate Tolkien’s cakes and foods from The Hobbit, including researching the kinds of food that Tolkien would have been familiar with (“Food in The Hobbit).

Thinking about it as an author, though, wouldn’t that have to be a huge thrill? I’m trying to imaging making up a food in a story and having people like my book so much that they try to recreate that food. What a compliment!


Illusion Or Truth? What Makes It Horror?

What frightens us most? The illusion? Or the Reality?

What frightens us most? The illusion? Or the Reality? And, of course, the biggest question: are you ready for Halloween?