A Quick Author Page Tutorial from Ana Spoke

This is an excerpt of a “Look who’s got a proper author page!” by Ana Spoke. In these paragraphs, she discusses setting up an author page on Amazon and Goodreads as well as linking them to her regular blog. She provides a first-hand overview and some links that will give you the details, so it’s a pretty good resource to mark to save you time later (you know, when you’re actually ready to do it).

Now, for some quick how-tos:

Amazon’s page was easy, although you have to register separately with Author Central. For Amazon’s own guide, have a look at All About Author Central. Easy-peasy. There was, however just one little drama to report.

I wanted to link this blog to the page, but it turned out you can’t just use your URL – you need to use your RSS feed. Confused? I sure was. Thank God, it only took a few minutes to find this WordPress guide on RSS links. Don’t stress if the blog posts don’t appear on your page right away – once I’ve published a new post, they all came through.

Goodreads was just a bit more complicated. You can’t just sign up as an author – you have to sign up for a “regular” account first. If you are a first-time author, you will likely have a heart attack when you search for your book and find that it is not in the 300-million-plus database. Take a breath – you can add it, but ONLY AFTER waiting for about a day. You can, of course, send a crazed email to helpdesk, and they will do it for you after politely explaining the whole waiting a day thing. You will also have to apply to be upgraded to an author account and wait again for approval. Or send the crazed email, whatevs.

So there you go. I mean, go – get your Goodreads page started. Trust me, when the time comes, you won’t be willing to wait a whole day.

She has also added onto the amazon part with this article: “Author (NOT SO) Central update.”


  1. Without leaving my couch I’ve been a blue to follow the tour. Such a great idea.

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