Are You a Bibliophile?

bibliophile n. someone who loves books

I’m a card carrying member (actually, I carry Half-Price Books coupons).

I think most writers are major bibliophiles. Seriously, how else would you get into the field in the first place? Although it would make pretty entertaining (and ironic) smalltalk.

            STRANGER: What do you do for a living?
            AUTHOR: Oh, I write.
            STRANGER: Really? That’s interesting. You mean like articles or blogs?
            AUTHOR: No, books. Fiction.
            STRANGER: Wow! You must love to read.
            AUTHOR: God, no.
            STRANGER: …


Playwright: A Compound Word for a Compound Job

playwright n. a writer who plays until the play plays right

Fun fact: in older English, a “wright” was a maker or craftsman, which makes a playwright a maker of plays, an artisan. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty cool. And entirely appropriate.


A.K.A. How You Learn To Write

mistake. noun. something to learn from and leave behind

Per Merriam-Webster, “1. a wrong judgment or action 2. something that is incorrect.” I like mine better.

It is how you learn to write – or do anything else for that matter. Humans learn by making mistakes. Or by watching other people make mistakes. There’s no two ways around it.


Not As Deadly As He Thinks

A word to refer to situations when "'Tis but a scratch" or someone is "mostly dead."

A word to refer to situations when “‘Tis but a scratch” or perhaps when someone is “mostly dead.”