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Subscription Glitch from the Domain Transfer

Hello, again!

The domain transfer and setup is finally complete on my end (apparently the transfer on the server side is going to take a while longer to be complete). I’m hoping to start posting again next week, but I’m still leery of posting much when even part of the transfer is still up in the air.

One advantage of the delay, however, is that I can forewarn you about some subscription issues.

Important: If You Subscribe to This Blog, Keep Reading!

Subscriptions did not transfer with everything else.

I tried to update subscriptions for email subscribers. If that worked, you should get an email and will only need to click “confirm” in that email. If you had subscribed through your account, you will definitely need to subscribe again (assuming you want to keep getting notifications).

Sorry for the trouble! I promise not to move the site again any time soon!!!

As always, thanks for reading!
Em T. Wytte


Transfer Delays

Hi, Everyone,

I’m still working on the domain transfer. It’s not supposed to take this long, but the original host has a pending action and seems to be taking its time finishing it (*sigh*).

I’m looking into how to speed them up (I’m open to suggestions). Until it gets done, however, I’m going to continue to pause posts. Otherwise, I’ll just have to keep exporting content.

With any luck, this’ll be done soon, and we can get started with writing 2018. Thanks for your patience!

Happy New Year!